Healing Our Planet: Nation to Nation, Spirit and Soul 2 Soul

A Message from Our Royal Shaman About our Work

Healing Beyond 2012 with Ayahuasca and Iboga

The sacred medicines are urging us all to please try to take seriously the need to get connected to the Earth at this time, so that our minds can be downloaded with the new consciousness that is awakening on this planet. The outer terrestrial forces that have drastically altered the Karmic destination of our planet are pulling us way to close to the consciousness of a black hole - and they want so badly for us to act as if it is business as usual because that is the only way that they can continue to hold on to the Soul of humanity. So many people are walking around with their eyes wide shut - so many people are fast asleep and are just simply letting these mind controllers continue to control their lives.

The clocks are ticking and when we say the clocks are ticking we are not talking about Big Ben. Time is controlled by the planets and not by the watches on our wrists. Our day is created by the rising and setting of the Sun. These forces have used Freemasonry and endless Secret Societies against us; they have damaged our belief systems with the Media, they have downloaded loads of artificial intelligence into our minds through education; they have forced us to believe in their karmic negativity; they have destroyed our relationship with our Mother Earth by making us live on concrete; they have set the races apart from each other and made some races more superior than others; they have fed us a diet of War, hatred, love of Money; they have put chemtrails in the sky; they have poisoned our food with toxins; they have put fluoride in our water to stop us from opening our pineal glands; they have stolen our myths and our true destinies and put them into fictional movies and children’s books so we cannot make them come true; they have given us false and corrupt leaders who keep us in a 9-5 prison consciousness of wage slave labour; in short they have disconnected us from our higher selves and Mother Earth. La Madre Ayahuasca sees the people who harbour these forces on earth as some of the greatest black magicians that have ever walked this planet. They are mind controllers and they do not like it when some of us have been given a Golden Key to break free to help others break free. They want us to believe that there is nothing in life worth fighting for except shopping, watching movies, going online, sex, drugs etc... and getting to work each day. We must break their evil spell - because it’s gone way too far.

The Herbal and Wellbeing Sanctuary invites you to receive, pray, heal and learn to love yourself in the forests of England and at the world's Sacred sites and monuments beyond 2012. Our Ancestors left great Pyramids, Standing Stones and other monuments behind so that we could relearn who we truly are at this time. Become the real Change and open your heart and mind in order to heal your life; let go of all of your turmoil, traumas and pain.