Individual Retreats

Transcending 7 Levels of Karma with Iboga or Ayahuasca healing Initiation  

Ayahuasca & the 7 Layers of Karma Cleansing Retreat

Karmaya Rain Queen uses her extraordinary empathic powers, which is a unique healing ability that only a few Healers in the world possess - to remove negative Karma from her clients at the Seven different levels of your emotional and astral being.

When we are all born we are all surrounded by Seven Basic Layers of active and latent Karmas. A person can drastically improve the quality of their inner and outer life by removing the bad and negative latent and active Karmas that they were born with or are that they are living with in their current life. 

Every real human being on this Earth possesses the following 7 levels of Karma:

0. The unresolved latent - but negative Karma that we have carried over from many past lives

1. The first layer of negative active Karma that we begin create in our current bodies as soon as we are born

2. The second layer of Karma is active and comes from the negative Karma that we all inherit from our Mother and Father

3. The third layer of Karma is active and comes from the negative karma that we pick up from our Brothers and Sisters

4. The fourth layer of Karma is active and comes from the negative karmas that we pick up from our friends, partners and our Community

5. The fifth active layer of Karma is active and comes from the negative Karmas that we pick up form our country, our nation and our leaders

6. The sixth layer of Karma is latent and comes from the negative Karmas that we are holding from our past negative history and all the bad things that our Ancestors did in their lives

7. The seventh layer of Karma is latent and comes from the negative effects that movements of the Stars and the Planets exert onto our lives and our emotions as our Earth revolves around the Sun. This level of Karma is cosmic and can only be changed to become positive when one reaches the Shakti or Buddah levels of consciousness. Not many people are able to change their Karma at this level and those who can are those who live their lives by the four Noble Truths and by following the Ancestral paths to Enlightenment.

Similar to the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Chod, during the Karma Cleansing Ceremony the Shaman Queen Healer will compassionately clear the 7 Karmic Layers of her client, by channeling out of your body the negative Karma and directing into her own body and then using the Sacred Medicine to purge it out of her. The depth of the clearing depends on the openness and the awareness that the client has worked on during their pre-cleansing and preparations prior to the ceremony.

Please note that our Karma cleansing retreats include a minimum of 7 days preparation. After this there is a compulsory 2-day recovery time included. The recovery time ensures that the client is able to integrate all of what has been karmically removed from them. After your Ceremony you will feel much lighter, as if a lot of weight has been lifted off you. It cannot be stressed enough how it is very crucial part of the healing process that clients allow themselves to have sufficient enough recovery time.