Herbal Wellbeing & Ceremonial Sanctuary


In order to provide you with a suitable response to any questions you have, we ask that you follow these protocols when directing your enquiries;

Questions about any of the following matters should be directed to our administration office:

- Arrival time
- Payment details for a wire transfer or via the IBAN
- Assistance obtaining offerings
- Travel information
- Our pick up service
- What you need to bring

All other questions specifically about the logistics’ of your retreat can also be directed to our administration office at: adminassist@herbalandwellbeingsanctuary.com

Please do not forward questions regarding the authenticity of our Medicine. As a Royal Shamanic Healing Centre we do not play around with the Sacred Medicines.

Please note that only questions regarding any personal issues or the healing ceremony (e.g. complications you wish to make the Healer aware of etc.) should be sent directly to our Healer and a response will forthcoming at the earliest convenience. You should be aware that as a Royal Shaman our Healer is always travelling and as such does not always have time to respond straight away. She also has a great deal of duties and commitments so please be patient in your wait for a reply. Please direct all relevant emails for the attention of: KARMAYA AYAMAMA RAIN QUEEN at: mamaaya@hozhofoundation.com